Corporate Concierge – A Gift Of Time

The constant connectivity has blurred the boundaries of an individual’s personal time and professional time. The distractions take the shape of varied problematic situations at both the ends- personal as well as professional. At the leisure time the professional commitments and deadlines would cloud their minds, and at work, the unfinished personal tasks would dishearten them.

As per a study, though it’s the most obvious one, “The productivity of an employee decreases with the increase in the number of the distraction they have, whether personal or professional.” Certainly, distracted and unhappy employees leading to a negative impact on his own productivity and surrounding.

Acknowledging these facts, the employers are looking forward to balancing the overall system; therefore, making an effort to offer a happy and less stressed environment to their employees. The corporate world is integrating the concierge privileges and offering them as employee benefits. These services alleviate the pressure of the day making them stress-free that works in favor of creating an environment where the employee can be more productive!

According to research,” employees are more productive in an environment where the employers offer them employee benefits that also assist them in balancing their personal life as well.” A concierge- for an employee can save the day by unburdening loads of stress, and for an employer it is a way to reach out for their employees via reducing stress by 80 %, increasing productivity by 70 % and making them feel more valued by 90 %.

Offering concierge services may also be bowing to the inevitable, as per a survey by a digital media group- “93 % of the business professionals take care of personal business during work hours.” A successful and efficient workplace offering unique employee benefits through efficient concierge services keep employees’ errands and households in order, Monday through Friday without taking them away from their desks.