Loan To Me – Fix and Flip Calculator

With the hard money loan calculator, we help investors uncover the high-level expenses involved in a hard money loan. When flipping a home, there are many expenses that real estate investors may leave out unintentionally. As these expenses add up, it may leave you with less profit than you imagined. That’s why we (at Loan To Me Enterprises, LLC) believe that it’s vital to take an extra few minutes to work through the economics of any deal you may want to be involved in!

We help you understand your potential expenses before going into a real estate investment with a hard money loan because we care about your investments. We want you to succeed using our hard money loan(s), so we’ve supplied you with some high-level tools and knowledge to help you on your journey!

Remember, before you Invest, we strongly recommend that you use our Hard Money Loan Calculator (above). The Hard Money Loan Calculator provides reasonable “estimates” for the expenses of a real estate investment using a hard money loan. If you are considering using a hard money loan for your next real estate investment, take some time to work out the high-level expenses with our FREE loan calculator!

Loan To Me Enterprises, LLC endeavors to help you remove the “guesswork” out of your initial real estate investment financials, by providing you with the tools you need to plan out your investment. We take brokers’ fees, title insurance, property insurance, points adjustments, and many other common investment expenses into consideration with our hard money loan calculator (above). Although the list may not be exhaustive, this basic hard money loan calculator is an excellent tool to start planning your real estate investment and to gain a high-level understanding of your potential expenses for the life of your loan.

See Your Profit Potential:

Our loan calculator takes an adjusted rate of return based on your estimated turnaround time and after-repair value (ARV). With our calculator, you can change different settings to estimate the rates and expenses you need to maintain to be in the green. This tool gives you the ability to quickly input the numbers of a deal to see its potential for profitability and its feasibility for success. Good Luck!