Men v/s Women: Who in your family is working tirelessly? | PREMIERE CONCIERGE

The latest study finally reveals it; men enjoy an average of 43 hours of relaxed time a week in contrast to ladies who have five hours less. The ONS findings likewise demonstrate that the standard measure of relaxation time for men has ascended since 2000 while it has dropped for ladies.

“Relaxation time for ladies could be less than for men because ladies are more engaged in household works than men, they invest more energy in finishing unpaid work, for example, family tasks and childcare,” the report states.

Getting a concierge and utilizing their services will not only help you in tackling the house hold tasks that needs to be taken care of primarily, but it also gives you an entire day of stress free hours where you do not need to think about the tasks that you need to fulfill before the day retires on you. Back in your mind, you will always know that there is someone back at your place, who can take care of the things in the way you want it.

NOTE: Data incorporate every institutional individual over the age of 15. Information incorporates all days of the week and is yearly midpoints for 2015. Travel identified with these exercises is excluded in these assessments.

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Time Use Survey

This diagram unmistakably demonstrates that the ladies in the nation are more occupied than men. Presently imagine a scenario in which, you get an association that helps you in assisting in such household tasks that is a necessity and tedious at the same plain time.


  • A primary function of the concierge is to provide a well disposed “Hi” and “See you later” to residents and visitors when they enter or exit.
  • Becoming more acquainted with the names of occupants is particularly essential in giving a quality customized benefit
  • Concierges regularly welcome visitors of occupants and may need to get resident approval before sending up an obscure visitor or guest
  • They likewise ordinarily take individual messages for occupants and convey them when you see them or as assigned.

The concierge is an individual personal assistant to the building’s occupants. A concierge may reserve supper spot, hold amusement tickets, hail taxis and request nourishment for conveyance. They may likewise hold party room or meeting room spaces in the working for occupants if pertinent.


Learning of the neighborhood and adding it in the network additionally helps in helping occupants with inquiries. New occupants may need some information about nearby eateries, clubs or retail outlets. Concierges additionally regularly get inquiries concerning where to take visitors or companions for a night out on the town. Residential Concierge frequently has brochures of neighborhood and maps of the downtown territory to help in guiding occupants toward the correct spots.


  • Concierges help occupants in various approaches to improve the nature of their living background
  • They receive mails on your behalf and get them to occupants
  • Concierges may likewise help with move-ins and move-outs when accessible
  • The concierge typically helps residents in getting timely resolution on housekeeping and maintenance issues
  • They also some time manage obligations, for example, keeping records of resident vehicles, telephone numbers, visit visitors, preferences and neighborhood support and specialist co-ops.

Getting a concierge in your condo will give your mind a chance to loosen up like never before, and this would even lure and enhance the profitability and productivity in you. For a sound personality and a better living, you set aside time to consider residential concierge and develop your vocation by giving yourself the time you deserve.