Residential Concierge Service- A Luxury That Has Become A Necessity

In a study conducted on residents of various societies, they were asked to rate the value they received for the price they were asked to pay. The result of their study revealed a low-average rating score.

With a stratospheric rise in prosperity and demand for a luxurious lifestyle, residents, these days expect to live in communities that are beyond good infrastructure and stand robustly on principle- ‘Time to Live.’ Delivering a luxury lifestyle-centric to this motto becomes possible with inculcation of residential concierge services.

The inclusion of concierge services in residential apartments is viewed as a win-win situation for both the property managers/owners and the tenants/residents. Being a property owner, following amenities can be provided to residents of your society with concierge services:

  • Errand running
  • Housekeeping
  • Travel Coordination and Planning
  • Vacation Research & Planning
  • Auto Detailing and Auto Repair
  • Information Research
  • Guest relations
  • Dry Cleaning/Laundry Services
  • Child/elder care referrals
  • Relocation Assistance

The story of Jennifer and the housing mess

For months I had been waiting to organize my house; however, I could never get it on top of the things. The daunting challenge that always appeared in front of my eyes was the management of stuff that got accumulated way too much over and over in these past few months. The gathered stuff all over my house impacted me every time I walked back into my house, making me feel unproductive and low. The condition of my home made me anxious, and embarrassed that I am in need of concierge service employed by my society to begin this simple yet cumbersome task of my home organization.

However, to my dismay, the employee of Premiere Concierge, Andrew was very friendly and surpassed all of my expectations. I cannot put in words the sheer relief at what Andrew and his team accomplished in what I never thought could change. Apart from managing the mess I created, the team left me with some more storage solutions which I have since put in place. The team of Premiere Concierge helped me to make my home look tidy again in no time.

Residents like Jennifer continue to put in 60-plus-hour work weeks, thereby finding difficult to hit the right balance between professional and personal life. Hence, being a property owner, providing the property with superior quality-of-life amenities becomes vital to retaining and attracting promising residents. Residential concierge service is a perfect assorted amenity that has benefited both the tenants and the property owners.