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Corporate industries have been known to put effort into trying ways to improve productivity. Some companies are introducing concierge services into their work culture with a sole idea of letting someone else plan employees’ trips — both for work and leisure — find them a dog sitter or a plumber or to choose where to take their car for an oil change.

Generally, the word “concierge” has an affluent ring to it, but Premiere Concierge Services are not utilized just by ‘riches’ hoping to sanction private planes. Premiere Concierge makes it affordable and effective at the same time.

They are constantly behind the scenes when organizing an assortment of exercises. They likewise are the middle of everyone’s attention noting questions and organizing essential capacities. They tune in to their client’s needs and create memorable experiences.

The Services they provide:

With Premier Concierge (Premiere Concierge) at your workplace, you get to stop deflecting your time on things like:

  • Corporate concierge services take the load off from personal assistants and provide better deals in terms of negotiating because they carry a network of vendors round their sleeves.
  • A one point of contact for busy men who are always short for time, giving you a managed and comfortable interaction.
  • From letter deliveries to dry-cleaning pickups, saving your travelling expense and time.
  • A sudden visit of a client for lunch or an evening Broadway show to pick-up, Premier Concierge does it every day, round the clock and that is too without fail.

From taking care of planning and conducting business luncheons, management of corporate fleets, catering for meetings, arranging executive retreats, client loyalty schemes, etc. – anything that can take the load off the employee’s and employer’s shoulders.

While the Premiere Concierge takes care of such jobs, an employee suddenly tends to get an extra hour from his schedule and thus works freely on his assigned tasks. In a recent study, it was found that employees use office hours to take care of personal business. A whopping 93% of the employees were found in the survey that would shop online, run errands or even visit to buy stationeries or groceries nearby.

An employee has a life and responsibilities outside the workplace, and with such stretched office hours many don’t have room in their schedules to manage, and it gets difficult to prioritize the office premises over personal affairs. With corporate concierge services, an employee feels relieved and can make time for more work at the office and home.

There was a time when Concierge services used to be related with this white-glove service of bringing you a lobster at 4 A.M.; however, Premiere Concierge is increasingly about saving time and thus money. It’s for those individuals who don’t sit behind a work area throughout the day and have the luxury of doing all their online business after hours. Time, as the idiom goes, is money, which is the reason organizations and associations like Campbell’s Soup, Meridian Health, and the Boston Red Sox, to give some examples, are likewise spending gobs of money to offer concierge services to their workers.

Get your employees Premiere Concierge Services and seek the difference in productivity, as a calm mind produce more inputs than a busy mind can ever.