The Tale of Productivity and Corporate Business Concierge| PREMIERE CONCIERGE

The complexity of our brain is beyond exploration. It is said that the brain has more than 10 billion neurons and physically it cannot be tweaked or modified as per the requirement. In a lay man’s language, you may say that it is the largest and the most complex operating system in the world, that cannot be coded or designed the way you want.

The psychologist states that human nature is weird in itself. Every human tends to occupy themselves with the amount of work that cannot be managed alone. 93% of the entire population of the US tends to involve themselves to the max possible tasks and choose to ignore an idle time or time-for-themselves.

Such profound act might seem harmless at first, but the body works in its way and has its limitations. Concluding the little free time from your schedule into different kind of tasks not only hampers the peace of mind but also triggers outstanding health issues. Moreover, you cannot even perform with the best of your abilities (Until or unless you are a Superman), because there is no breathing space in between.

Worst comes when you start taking new tasks to run the treadmill of success and ambitions, but you start ignoring the personal “me-time” or the responsibilities that you need to take care. Your family starts suffering the ignorance that you offer to them, and your loved ones start falling apart. While things around you start hiding behind your regime, and one day eventually it pushes you back with fall of tensions and emotions that are hard to take and difficult to break.

What Goes Around Comes Around:

The melodious song, “What Goes Around Comes Around” is an apt song to paint your world with the fact that this life has many cycles that it follows, and one of them is The Inadequate Performance and Results. Since your body resists overburden, but still you force it to work more, causes terrible performance, that eventually leads to an inability to meet the expectations and in-turn the situation start frustrating you, and you end up in an open space where there is no one but only you.

Infringement of Brain and Productivity:

We discussed the timeline that starts when “their regular job” ends till “their day” ends in the late nights. Since they are investing such long hours in various activities, and choose to give up their “me-time” or ignore their responsibilities, mind it doing this invites more stress that keeps on blinking back in mind, and the cycle never ends and ends up hampering the main job too.

While indulging in such constraint pool of commitments, what they usually forget is that the brain does not work correctly when it is confiscated in stress and workload. It does not offer its best output, and thus they start lacking quality and stability. Like the phrase goes, “A filled cup cannot experiment with taste and upgrades.”

The Main Course: the employees and their Jobs

You cannot control your employees’ time, it is a fact, and you can never change it. What they do after the official hours is none of your business, and moreover, as an employer, you carry a minimal control over it. In the race to earn more and more money, or in chasing dreams to achieve something bigger and better, usually employees cause a deficit in productivity at their regular jobs, and thus your workplace starts suffering. Not only the targets start bleeding, but the quality and the milestones also lose their race when the employees are stressed and burdened.

The Ground Zero:

Salary hike is not always an option to boost productivity. There have to be more reasons to come to the office than just work and salary. HR departments have been trying hard to boost morale by organizing motivational talks and various games & activities in the office space to maintain the pressure and stress in the environment. Usually, the major senior executives do not participate in such sports, and almost every company comprises the right amount of “shy,” “introvert” and “conscious image staffs.”

Moreover, such activities do not stress down the employees but hamper the work schedules and deliveries, because such activities do not solve or rearrange their priority list of errands that keeps their mind occupied. Moreover, your staff gets to give an official excuse for sketchy jobs.

Being an employer you cannot curb over the issues that you face with your workforce, and there is no way to escape this because no matter how much you funnel down your hiring process, this is a familiar story of the entire race of humans. Practically, you cannot help them by doing their jobs or letting them do their job during office hours, whereas how about if you can unburden them with the regular errands that occupy a significant time space of a day?

The Solution:

If you feel that working isn’t everything to live, don’t expect a bit of compassion from your colleagues. The most significant objective of numerous Americans is profiting and, since time is cash, it’s better not to spend it on something besides making your fortune.

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